Dynamic Passenger Information System

Passenger Information

The visual presentation of scheduled departure times as well as unscheduled changes on computerized display units is the modern way to keep passengers informed.

For this purpose, LUMINO has developed a broad range of LED-based displays. Press this button to learn more about LUMINO's information displays.

Passenger Information

Keeping passengers informed via speaker announcements is a tried and trusted method.

LUMINO offers solutions to automate these announcements and keep them flexible at the same time. This technology has been developed especially with the every-day requirements of public transport providers in mind.

Communication System

LUMINO has the know-how and the technology to design your whole system from scratch and deliver the communication hardware to create the necessary complex network structures.

Control center
DyFIS Application Server

LUMINO's display and speaker units work smoothly when integrated into information systems by other manufactureres. However, LUMINO's own system DyFIS is the optimal solution if you want to make the most of the flexibility and manageability of our dynamic passenger information devices.

Press this button to learn more about the corner components of a typical DyFIS installation.

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