Digital dictation device DAG 415T

Digital announcement device DAG 415 T 01 Digital announcement device DAG 415 T 02
Without adapting the the protocol, the announcement unit can be installed between display and control computer and will read out the display texts at the push of a button.

The DAG415T supports two external request stations for the visually handicapped.
The digital announcement device "DAG 415T is a highly flexible control unit for acoustic passenger information.

In addition to automated standard announcements, additional pre-stored texts and live microphone announcements are possible. The mode "Text to Speech" is available in several languages.

Of course it is also possible to control the announcement device as a standalone device within the display network in order to play stored or synthesized texts.

Live announcements can be generated from the central unit using secure digital data transmission.

Four independently controllable 15W/100V amplifiers complete the DAG 415T into a closed system solution, if there is no ELA available at the station.


  • Live-Message 01 Live-Message 02
  • Play records 01 Play records 02
    Play records
  • Text to speech 01 Text to speech 02
    Text to speech
  • 4x15 W/100 V Amplifier 01 4x15 W/100 V Amplifier 02
    4x15 W/100 V Amplifier
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