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    DyFIS® Talk

    DyFIS® Talk

    "DyFIS® Talk" makes it possible to display and automatically read aloud the current departure times and other information for local public transport stops. An internet connection of the mobile device is required. The motivation for the development of the app was the desire to make the optic dynamic passenger information, which can be found in many places, also available for visually impaired people.

    How does DyFIS® Talk work?

    A list of existing stops is available by selecting the desired city area. If the desired stop is chosen, the app retrieves the next departure times from the server. The information includes the destinations of the journeys, the predicted departure time, as well as the exact departure place (i.e. train platform, bus gate or stand). Journey cancellations are also shown. It is possible to filter specific lines or certain departure places in order to find the desired information more easily.

    If the corresponding function is activated in the settings of the app, each new information is read out automatically. Additionally the information can be read out at any time via button click. Refreshed data is retrieved before each new reading. While reading out, the same button can be used for skipping to the departure of the next trip, so that you do not have to listen to all journeys, if only a certain departure is sought. If, in addition to the departure times, special information is provided within the passenger information, these are specially marked in the table. A detailed view is then available for this special information.

    Modern operating systems for mobile devices usually have operating aids, which, among other things, enable the use of such devices for people with visual impairment. Under IOS, this is the "Voice Over" operating aid. Since DyFIS® Talk has been designed especially for the visually impaired, its function is optimized while VoiceOver is activated. In this operating mode, the automatic read-out function is deactivated so that it does not collide with other announcements. The labels of the elements available in the app, such as tables, buttons, etc., have been optimized in such a way that all visible information is also accessible with VoiceOver.

    LUMINO Licht Elektronik GmbH, Krefeld