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    Passenger Information System type DFI-C SMD

    Passenger Information System type DFI-C SMD Train station Display Unit DFI-C SMD
    Passenger Information System type DFI-C SMD
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    The type DFI-C SMD is a full-colour LED display (16.7 million colours), with which coloured passenger information can be given. It combines the advantages of long-life LED-technology with the occasional desire for full colour PID.

    Due to its small pixel grid the type-C SMD DFI is particularly suitable for bus stops with narrow minimum clearance outline, i.e. bus stops on small board walks, where colored passenger information is needed.

    LED technology is by far superior to other dynamic media when it comes to energy efficiency. The patented LED-control with constant-current sources allows Lumino displays and passenger information systems to use up to 40% less power than alternative products. Brightness sensors and temperature measurements send constant updates to integrated micro controllers. This permanent utilization control guarantees energy efficiency and failure-free service even in extreme environments.
    LUMINO Licht Elektronik GmbH, Krefeld