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    Passenger Information System type DFI M

    For our passenger information systems we offer optimized display units (type DFI M), which can be equipped with LED modules on one or both sides and are optimized for larger platforms. Since the LED display can be customized in size and resolution and the layout of the display content is freely programmable, the DFI is also applicable for other purposes, such as pre-announcements for multiple stations. The proprietary, award-winning design with its downward-slanted displays guarantees ideal readability and minimal warming due to solar radiation.

    LED technology is by far superior to other dynamic media when it comes to energy efficiency. The patented LED control with constant-current sources allows Lumino displays and passenger information systems to use up to 40% less power than alternative products. Brightness sensors and temperature measurements send constant updates to integrated micro controllers. This permanent utilization control guarantees energy efficiency and failure-free service even in extreme environments.

    The DFI display case can be equipped with an analog clock and an "info" symbol. The unit can be suspended from a mast or a ceiling or mounted on a post or a wall.

    There are several pixel grids available that will be chosen depending on the size and architecture of the station. The display that is used most often on platforms has two to six text lines with up to 42 characters. The available pixel resolution ranges from 16 to 64 vertically and from 64 to 256 horizontally.

    Passenger information systems can be equipped with different data transfer units, allowing control both by Lumino DyFIS and by host computers of other system suppliers.
    LUMINO Licht Elektronik GmbH, Krefeld