Central digital information stele (the basic module of a Mobility Station)

Diverce information precisely on point.



One location - many options:  A multi purpose Mobility Station provides a place for a versatile environment friendly transport offer, like never seen before. The extensive, concentrated potential for combining bus, tram and train, car- and bike-sharing allows for a seamless chain of mobility options and covers the demand of the citizens to travel from door to door in a flexible and sustainable way.

One stele – all information: Our central information stele consisting of high quality digital components, guarantees attracting the attention of the users, provides information about the next public transportation offers in real time, shows tourist information, visualizes the complete supply of the Mobility Station, and ensures fast orientation.

The configuration of the central Information stele can vary according to the nature of the location and the purpose of the application, the size and the transportation set of the appropriate Mobile Station. Of course a design appropriate to your individual request can be planned.


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LUMINO Licht Elektronik GmbH, Krefeld