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    Dynamic Information Display TIS

    The design of the Information Column TIS is characterized by the use of high-quality material and a sophisticated surface finish. With its elaborate and robust design it's an eye catcher in the modern city environment. The LED Display can be customized in size and resolution.

    LED Technology is by far superior to other dynamic media when it comes to energy efficiency. The patented LED control with constant-current sources allows Lumino displays to use up to 40% less power than alternative products.

    Brightness sensors and temperature measurements send constant updates to integrated micro controllers.

    This permanent utilization control guarantees energy efficiency and failure-free service even in extreme environments. The Information Column has double walls. A passive air current system inside the front and rear doors is responsible for the air conditioning of the inside. Moisture- and dust proof air channels in the side panels of the column provide additional ventilation if necessary. Text passages can be read out loud for the benefit of visually handicapped passengers.

    On pressing a button on the column "optionally with acoustic position signal" the intelligent speech synthesis will read out the passenger information. Due to its optimized position, the speaker is directed only at the handicapped person, with minimum noise pollution. The Column does not need regular maintenance. Even the analog clock is illuminated by energy-saving, nonwearing high-performance LEDs, which are turned on automatically in darkness. The only cable necessary for the TIS to operate is the power-grid. The necessary components can be integrated in the lower part of the column.

    The Information Column can receive its display data via GPRS or UMTS. The processor also uses common radio links to recognize the departure of a train. The internal computer keeps passengers informed even in case of radio network failure. The digital announcement device "DAG 415T is a highly flexible control unit for acoustic passenger information.

    In addition to playing stored and transmitted audio files, it uses a high-quality intelligent synthesized speech device ("Text to Speech") in different languages. It is also possible to control the announcement device as a standalone device in the display network, to play stored or synthesized texts. Additionally, live announcements can be generated by the central unit using secure digital data transmission.

    With the help of four independently controllable 15W/100V amplifiers the DAG 415T becomes a closed system solution if there is no ELA available at the station. The announcement unit can be installed between display and host computer without adjusting the protocol. In this mode, it will read out display texts when prompted manually. The DAG 415T supports two external units for on-demand announcements for the visually handicapped.
    LUMINO Licht Elektronik GmbH, Krefeld