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    Modulare Informations stele TISm28-6T

    Modulare Informationsstele TISm28 6T 01 Modulare Informationsstele TISm28 6T 02
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    By connecting the display type "Modular" from Mabeg with electronic information technology by Lumino both companies have developed a great product that results in a modern, highly variable and contemporary design with maximum flexibility, fitting perfectly into today's cityscape.

    With this system for the first time also peripheral stations in less frequented areas can be equipped with dynamic passenger information for a fair and economic price. With the integrated dynamic display technology including Message reader (Digital announcement device) the static information stele has become an advanced dynamic passenger information system.

    To keep the power consumption as low as possible, the latest white or yellow LEDs are used with high efficiency for the integrated, high-resolution fine-pitch grid LED display. It comes with 3 or 6 lines.

    If required the integrated digital announcement device reads the passenger information shown on the display via a speech synthesis system (TTS Text-to-Speech) after clicking the sensor button. The integrated audio amplifier works with energy-saving and most modern Class-D technology.

    Protection against vandalism with an integrated shock sensor, combined with visual and audible alarm output, and video surveillance with an integrated camera are optional features.

    Furthermore, the rear of the stele can optionally be equipped with LED backlit timetable posters in paper form or with electronic paper (e-ink). Also a LED backlit bus stop symbol (i.e. “H”) is available.
    LUMINO Licht Elektronik GmbH, Krefeld