System Solutions for DFI Terminals

ITCS-Systeme 01 ITCS-Systeme 02

Integration into existing ITCS Systems

Many "Intermodal Transport Control Systems" (ITCS) by different manufacturers feature interfaces for Passenger Information Systems. LUMINO offers the Know-How and all necessary infrastructure elements to supply the display units with information through those interfaces. The Lumino system supports all the usual protocols defined by those manufacturers (like "PACOS", "PIPS" and "MOFIS"), but many customers also use the protocols suggested by LUMINO, like the safe and flexible yet easy to use "DP1" and the universal "MFI".
DyFIS-01 DyFIS-01

Independent Dynamic
Passenger Information System DyFIS

At the DyFIS-workstation, the controller can monitor and operate the passenger information system. The workstation shows the current train or bus positions and display contents and allows comfortable editing of special announcements. The controller can intervene at any time to announce schedule changes.
LUMINO Licht Elektronik GmbH, Krefeld