Planning Data

Planning Data
The DyFIS-system takes current schedules from other stations like schedule administration systems. Alternatively or additionally, dedicated operating devices are available for planning data input.

In addition to the schedules and route maps, the complex strategies which control the look and content of the station displays are an essential part of the DFI system's planning data.

To provide acoustic passenger information, additionally deposited texts and pronunciation parameters are necessary for the "Text-to-Speech" function. Some of this planning data is set up during the system definition with the help of special DyFIS tools.

If requested, route maps can be updated automatically using different transmission ways and third-party systems e.g. Menz-Diva, Hacon-Hafas, EFA-Datenserver, VICOS-LIO oder VDV-452 (V5.0), VDV-453 (REF-DFI) or VDV-454 (REF-AUS). An independent route map editor is also available optionally.

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