The "DFI Gateway" combines the ITCS feed of a display group accessed locally via field bus or a complex network in a collective interface.

The TCP-IP-based protocol of the gateway relieves the ITCS of the task to calculate the departure times "in minutes" and to consider the layout of the display, while the prognosis of departure times is calculated by the ITCS.

The whole range of wire-bound and radio-supported infrastructure elements offered by LUMINO can be used to connect the displays. The "DFI Gateway" receives the departure times of all vehicles departing from a station as predicted by the ITCS via TCP-IP-gateway. Based on this data, the Gateway calculates the display contents using specifically created "masks" and adjustable algorithms.

The ITCS can also transmit special announcements, which are then automatically integrated into the display contents.

In addition to the processing of the data, the Gateway offers a user interface, that does not only give the user an overview of all units in his responsibility, but that also shows him a realistic simulation of the display contents.

For maintenance reasons, the Gateway keeps statistics about malfunctions of the display system. An interface for remote maintenance by the customer or the system distributor can be activated.

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